What an awesome way to start my day, meeting up in Venice Beach to photographer Genevieve who is a content creator/ blogger based in LA, for The Style Sauce. I have to thank Instagram for helpping me find Genevieve I just started to look up the hashtag “LA fashion bloggers” on Instagram and I came across her feed and reached out via email to see if she was interested in collaborating together. Sure enough, she was!

We met up about 10 am and just went walking around to find some cool places to shoot. Our first stop was in front if this restaurant that had awesome blue walls and the cutest little garden beds, it was also right across from the beach and the tallest palm trees. I feel like the cute summer dress and the bad ass Tee would look perfect here.

Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0001Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0002Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0003Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0004Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0005Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0006Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0007Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0008Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0009Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0010Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0011Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0012Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0013Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0014After that Genevieve got changed and we walked over to the footpath at the beach for a few more shots before heading back to the car. Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0015Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0016Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0017Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0018Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0019One the way we see the cutest pink wall with bamboo plants everywhere! of course, we had to stop and get a few snaps!Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0020Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0021Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0022Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0023Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0024Genevieve - The Style Sauce_0025

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