J Bee Boutique

Ahhh this is so exciting ! my first collaboration with an LA based fashion boutique called J Bee Boutique. I met up with Jade who was my point of contact and Taylor who was our model for the day. We met at Alfred in Silverlake. I was about 20 minutes early so I had a quick coffee, they do make some pretty nice coffee!

Once Jade + Taylor arrived we discussed the outfits and the vibe that Jade was after. We had 5 looks. The thing I love about LA is you can walk down one street and have multiple spots to shoot in! Today was no different, we only walk about 400 meters down the road and found 5 amazing spots to shoot in front of!

This what we came up with.

J Bee BoutiqueJ Bee Boutique_0002J Bee Boutique_0003J Bee Boutique_0004J Bee Boutique_0005J Bee Boutique_0006J Bee Boutique_0007J Bee Boutique_0008J Bee Boutique_0009J Bee Boutique_0010J Bee Boutique_0011J Bee Boutique_0012J Bee Boutique_0013J Bee Boutique_0014J Bee Boutique_0015J Bee Boutique_0016J Bee Boutique_0017J Bee Boutique_0018



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