Happy New Year

Its now 2017, its time to wash away all of 2016 with a fresh start.


When you are running a small business, you really are the face of the company. When you’re the person behind all the little toggles that make it all work and make it all come together. I feel like sometimes people forget there is real person behind that Instagram feed, that facebook post, that product or service that you paid for, not a team of 40, just 1 or 2 people working their butts off to make their dreams come true and create something amazing. This is why I thought it would be the perfect time, after many years of trying to hide from it, I decided to have my portrait taken so you could see and meet the person behind the lens, behind the emails and all the bad dad jokes ! I got in contact with Naomi Craigs, we tee’d up a date up and met in the city one Friday afternoon, where she took me up to the roof top of a car park. You could almost see the whole city it was stunning. Staying true to her style and her awesome photography skills she photographed me on film! This what she created! I can’t thank her enough for putting up with awkwardness and my shyness ! Thanks again Naomi !


What is it that I want from 2017?

For me, I want explore and fall more in love with my photography. Really stop and take the time with each photo I take, not to just click away. I now have a few film cameras from friends, family members and what I have purchased over the years. Film is the best way to to learn to slow down, take notice of whats in frame and what I want to capture. Knowing that film is so permanent. I also want to travel more and meet more amazing people. I would also love to sneak in a few more international weddings !


Ps I am also going back to school this year! I start at ECU in February of this year, I will be Study a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts Majoring in Photomedia.


A little bit about me? who I am?

Well my name is Jana Topler

I live In Perth, Western Australia 

I’m a portrait, product and wedding photographer.

I am starting to get into film camera and video, loving and finding a whole new respect for video and photography.

I have 2 puppies who I couldn’t live with out.

I think I love travelling as much as photography.

Im a total dork and the biggest klutz, always throwing out dad jokes.


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