Review of Hostel + Amsterdam

Ok so whenever I travel on my own or even with a friend I try and stay in hostels because I feel like its a good way to meet other travellers, and you get to do more than the stock standard touristy stuff. When I am on my own, i need to meet people and I feel one of the best ways to do this, is to do the activities the hostels offers. With that being said I always like to read reviews on the hostel / city that I stay in,  so I thought I would leave my thoughts here about St Christopher’s Inn.


  • Location was amazing (close to everything)
  • Close to the train station (access to the airport)
  • Rooms were a good size
  • Large lockers under the beds (FREE) ( If you didn’t have massive bags you could most likely fit them in there)
  • All different size lockers on the first and second floor (Down side, you have to pay for them)
  • Each bed/ bunk had its own power point and light (the light was really bright though, even when the person was on the other side of the room. I would have to roll over if I was trying to sleep).
  • 24 hour reception
  • Free breakfast
  • Free wifi
  • Friendly staff
  • Check out wasn’t till 11am
  • Had a lift! ( It doesn’t sound like much but when you have bags to move around and you could end up on the 5th floor it helps!)
  • The rooms were heated
  • Bathroom/ toilet very clean.
  • Great water pressure and hot showers
  • Room was cleaned daily
  • There was a maid who came in each day, when you arrive your bed is made and each day its re made (most hostels you pick up your bed sheets, blankets and towels when you check in and you make your own bed.)


  • The windows were paper thin! you could hear people walking past even though we were 3 stories up. So loud over the weekend with all the bars and clubs.
  • Breakfast didn’t start till 8am but I don’t think the city really doesn’t wake up until about 9am.

With regards to Amsterdam, I think this city really is amazing! Even though we only had a few nights here we hit the ground running and tried to do as much as possible! I wish we could have had another 48 hours here. I would have loved to have gone to a bar and had a few drinks and explored the city a little more but the time I had here was amazing. I have to say to my favourite thing about this city is how liberal and open it is sexually. You can be walking down the street and walk past an amazing coffee shop or an art gallery then walk past a sex shop, or walk though the red light district! I really do think that city can cater to any walks of life.


Its time to leave this amazing city and we had planned to head to Prague for a while over Christmas but after what happened in Berlin, Germany and Jakarta, Indonesia and looking at how expensive it was for flights through out Europe I jokingly said on the plane to Singapore why don’t we skip Europe and hit up America and Canada. We all kind of laughed at first, but then we started to plan it all out! We landed in Singapore and booked our tickets!

New plan of a attack, fly from Amsterdam to London Gatwick with British Airways (flight costing about $140.00 each, plus check in bag) over night in Gatwick near the airportAirport Inn Gatwick Hotel costing about $110 per night. We also paid for a cab there and back and it cost in total about $28 Aussie. Ps the hotel  have a really yummy English breakfast for $20 each, not that cheap but it was easy as we didn’t have to leave the hotel and it was pretty good! Flying out of Gatwick at 1pm, we flew with Norwegian paying about $1000 each person to Los Angeles. The flight was direct, 10 hours 50 minutes. Please note it is a budget airline, no food, pillows, blankets or ear phones. You can buy all of these things one the plane. There is inflight entertainment.

We hired a car from Dollar in LA,  25th of Dec 2016 returning the 12th of January 2017. Paying about $1700 in total. This includes a medium size car, full tank of fuel, unlimited km, 2 drivers, GPS and full coverage insurance.

 In LA for two nights, using Airbnb, we are staying in West Hollywood paying about $139 per night for 3 people. We decided to stay with Airbnb as it worked out cheaper. A hostel was about $50 per person per night totalling $300, where as Airbnb was only $278 and we get the whole house to our selfs, we can cook, chill out and not have to share a room! Also having a car some hostels don’t have carparks and you have to street park or use parking lots and that can get pretty pricy!


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