In house with Claire + Iesha

Whilst trolling on Instagram when I was living it up in LA, back in September of this year I came across Arsenic TV‘s Instagram. Scrolling through looking at all the images and thinking to my self that I haven’t really ever done a photoshoot like this before. 5 minutes later off I was heading out down North Fairfax ave to go and get something to eat and not really thinking much of it!

Now back in Perth and back to reality, some how the idea popped back into my head! The concept was easy, the location could really be anywhere but I liked the idea of a house and somewhere with natural light, i’m sucker for natural light. I decided to hit up Claire who has done modelling and knows a few girls who do that kind of style so we caught up for coffee talk about my travels, life and then finally the shoot. Her friend Iesha was there as well. After talking for a few hours, Claire said she was happy to be one of the models and Iesha seemed to be just as keen. Now I needed a location! Claire had just moved house, stunning wooden floor boards and so much natural light! she said she was happy for us to shoot there!

Of course this being the first time I had really had done this type of shoot I was a little nervous but I think between the three of us. Claire on hair and make up, two stunning models, a few tequilas we rocked a pretty cool shoot. This is what we came up with!

♥ Instagram ♥

Photography / Billie + Peaches

Hair and Make up / CR Creative

Model / Claire + Iesha

Inspo / Arsenic TV


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