Bree in colour

While I was away chilling in Vancouver (a few months ago) I came up with this really cool portrait idea, I just needed to think of a location and who could I use as my model!

My little mood board

I originally wanted to use smoke bombs as they looked really cool in photos, however when I was doing my research for the mood board,  I started looking for them on the web and they were pretty hard to find.  When I did find them they weren’t cheap. So I googled some more ideas and gave some thought about the coloured powered that they use in the yearly color run. I found out what it was called (Holi Powder), I jumped on ebay ordered 3 bags of purple, red and blue.

Ok so now I have the colour, now I need the location… about 3 or 4 years ago I photographed my little sister out at some salt flats in Rockingham. It was an awesome spot! beautiful light and all white back ground.

Of course I couldn’t remember exactly where it was so I hit up my sister for the location, she informed me it was Lake Walyungup. Also asking why I wanted to know, I informed her of my shoot idea and I said I still didn’t have a model lined up. I asked her if she would like to come on board. Of course she said yes! I also hit up my close friend Shanelle who is a certified make up artist, to join the team.

I had my good friend/photographer help out with us filming some behind the scenes stuff.

This is what we came up with!

Ps the flower crown was home made!

A huge thank you to everyone involved.

Model / Bree Fox

Dress / H&M

Hair + Makeup / Shanelle Coleman Artistry

Assistant + Video / Angie from WhiteJasmin Photography

Photography + Video / Billie + Peaches


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