Happy Canada Day!

July 1st 2016. Happy Canada Day! The lovely girls I have been staying with since getting to Vancouver asked if I want to go on a hike with them to see Mount Grouse, as I didn’t have anything to do, I thought why not! 
We walking to downtown Vancouver and caught the free shuttle bus that drove us straight there. We then purchased a ride on the gondola up the mountain. The girls weren’t very happy, as is was only about 20 degrees and it was really cloudy, so when we got up there, we couldn’t see much. I was just excited that I might see snow! As we arrived the lumberjack show had started, that went on for about 15 minutes and was really entertaining.
2016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-52016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-62016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-72016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-102016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-122016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-142016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-222016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-31
After that we started to walk up the mountain. It was breath taking and was like nothing I had see before. I was hoping to see snow but as we were walking up we asked another hiker if there was much up there and she informed us it was starting to melt. She wasn’t wrong, it was really muddy and there were heaps of little water streams everywhere. 
I didn’t think much of it… It didn’t really occur to me that it was melting ice! After walking for about an hour or so, we had our first sight of snow!! I was so excited!! I couldn’t believe it!! My first time seeing snow, the girls laughed because it was only a real small amount, it was melting fast and it was all muddy! But I was just so excited I didn’t care! We keep walking and I kept stopping to just look around and take it all in. It really was magical! 
2016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-362016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-372016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-382016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-412016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-442016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-472016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-482016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-502016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-522016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-532016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-572016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-612016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-582016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-592016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-622016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-66
The next minute, there was snow everywhere!! I couldn’t believe it, I just stopped and I don’t think you could have wiped the smile off of my face! It was like I was in shock. As soon as I walked on ice I slipped over. The girls had a good laugh. I didn’t really know what to expect when I walked on it! We kept walking and we past a few people on our way, I think the worst part was when we were walking down a huge part of the mountain, it was covered in snow and we past about 8 people as they were coming up the mountain and yes I fell over like 100 times, everyone was losing it laughing…. by the end of it my hands and bum were so cold it was crazy! 
2016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-712016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-752016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-762016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-782016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-862016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-962016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-982016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1012016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1022016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1042016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1052016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1062016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1082016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1092016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1122016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1132016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1162016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1222016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1242016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1262016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-1362016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-138
We hiked for about 4 hours in total, it wasn’t a around trip, you kind of just walked as far as you could/ wanted to and then just turned around and head back. I thought it might have been a boring walk back the way we came but I was wrong, it was still just as amazing as the first time. After getting back on the gondola to head back to the bottom, we grabbed a coffee, jumped back on the free shuttle and headed back into town. I felt fine all day but once I sat down on the bus I was so tied!! Getting home at about 4.30pm, we had showers got ready and headed out for dinner at Burgoo on Main St, eating and drink wine until about 11.30pm. What an amazing way to spend Canada Day! 
2016.07.01 - Vancouver - Canada Day-94

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