Bye LA, hello San Francisco

Oh what a start to my day! Waking not to early, packing up my bags and grabbing some breakfast before checking out of my room at the hostel. Dragging all my bags down the stairs, as this hostel didn’t have a lift… real fun! Once I got to the Main Street, I ordered an Uber and headed to the airport for my 1pm flight with Delta to San Francisco.
I arrive nice and early like I normally do, I am a big stress head and would rather be 2 hours early then 10 minutes late for my flight. I walk over to the computer online check in system, only to find that there is no booking there! I call for assistance and the lady helping me couldn’t find any booking under my name either, she asked to see the confirmation booking from my phone only to point out that I had booked the flight on the right day but the wrong month!! idiot!! I totally freaked and not knowing what to do, I ended up calling home looking for some advice. I end up booking a new flight to San Fran. So I lost $150.00 on that flight and then had to pay another $245 US for a new ticket, so that wasn’t fun! Finally checking in, then the lady at counter informs me that one of my bags is over its limit… I was ready to cry at this point, thankfully I was able to move some stuff around and get the bags to the right weight. After an hour and ten minute flight, I land in San Francisco, I catch a cab to the hostel, costing me about $60 US… I should have got an Uber for about $30….. of course at this time it was peak hour, so I was stuck in a crappy, old, smelly cab with a crazy driver. Finally I arrive at my hostel (USA Hostels) I was in a pretty large 4 bed girls dorm room so that was one positive to my day. This hostel is in an amazing location and was really clean and tidy so I was happy.
After a good night sleep I woke up and headed down to have my free breakfast. I saw on the noticed board that they were offering a free hiking tour around the Sutro Baths and along the Lands End trail with incredible coastal views that ends at the Golden Gate Bridge. The great thing about this hostel, is they have something on every day and normally its free!
Walking a few blocks and catching a bus for $2.50 we started our walk, it took a few hours, the views were amazing ! I kept getting left behind, as I just wanted to keep stopping to take photos. Once we finished it was about 1pm. A few of us went to go check out Fisherman’s Wharf and get something for lunch. There was four us, and we caught the bus with the same bus ticket we had purchased that morning. We stopped in at a restaurant and had a yummy lunch. We just talked about where we were all from and how long we were here for and stuff. It turned out, there were 3 Aussie’s including me and a english chick. We had a walk around , then head back to Union Square where we had a look around and checked out some of the shops. The hostel was also holding a pub crawl event, we all meet up in the lobby at 9pm then checked out 4 different bars. It was great because a few people that went on the hike, were there so it was like already having a friend to go out with! 
I didn’t end up getting home till about 4am so I can’t say I went far from my room or did much the next day. I ate food, watched Netflix and felt sorry for my self…. I was also getting a cold which isn’t fun! lets hope I feel better tomorrow! 
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