Walking around LA


I am finding it hard, that every time I want to put something on or get out my make up, even find socks, I have to unlock and unzip my suitcase pull everything out then put it all back in. I’m still trying to adjust to the fact that this isn’t just my room, I am sharing this room with 5 other people, so you have to be respectful and clean! I also think that if you come in late you should try and be quiet, but the two guys who were also staying the same room as me had a different idea, they rolled in about 11pm, turned on all the lights, started talking, laughing and started to unpack all of their bags. This went on for about 2 hours so I wasn’t very happy! But I guess that what happens when you stay in a backpackers and do a shared room. Thankfully they left the following morning!
Still trying to get over jet lag, my alarm goes off at 8am. Time to get up, get ready and take my medication!
Not knowing what I was going to do today I set off down Melrose to get coffee and breaky, I thought while I was out and about I would just walk to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and have a look around, it would take up a few hours and I could have a look around the neighbourhoods along the way.


I love the houses and how the streets are set out, the old and the new.


2016.06.12 - LA-32016.06.12 - LA-62016.06.12 - LA-5-32016.06.12 - LA-9-22016.06.12 - LA-7-2

So after about an hour and a half I go to check my maps on my phone, because it shouldn’t have taken this long to walk to Hollywood blvd. Next thing I know I had walked an extra 4km in the wrong direction…. for some reason my gps was showing the right way, but it was back to front and I was just walking further and further away from where I needed to be…. Starting to freak out at this point and not knowing where I was, I took a big breath and retyped the location into google maps and sorted out where I was and where I need to go. Thankfully I wasn’t to far away. I end up at the very end of the Hollywood walk of fame, once I was there I knew my way back.

2016.06.12 - LA-8


Walking through all the crowds in Hollywood Blvd about 3pm, I thought it might be time to get something to eat, I stopped in at Mel’s diner in Hollywood for a little snack.
Time to head back to my room for little nap as I was just about falling asleep as I was walking home!

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