Here I come America! (Canada + England)

Thursday night I headed to bed like normal after packing up my life for the next 4 and half months into 2 suitcases.

Waking up Friday morning pretty early as  I couldn’t sleep, I had 101 things running through my head. Having a pretty relaxing day just hanging out at home, playing with the my puppies. I finish packing and sorting out my life and then it was off to the airport about 10.30pm. First flight was Perth – Sydney, arriving in Sydney about 6am then to be on the next flight at 9am to fly a lovely 14 hours to LA with Virgin.


Landing in LAX about 6am,  I jumped in a cab and headed to Banana Bungalow in West Hollywood were I will be staying for 2 nights, arriving about 7.30am. I go to check in only to be reminded that you can’t check in until 2pm!! So tied at this point with having hardly any sleep the past few days. Not having a working sim, not eating much food over the past 24 hours as I don’t really like plane food I thought I would go find food, a coffee the size of my head and a new sim for my phone.

Walking into Starbucks ordering the biggest coffee I could order and yummy bagel, I was starting to feel a little better I thought the next stop should be to sort out my site, I found T Mobile got a new sim and I was ready to go. As I still had plenty of time left I thought I would go on a little walk.

I have to say even though I was only here less than 12 months ago this place is a real eye opener! from seeing grown ass women in Target wearing a zebra onesie, a man walking  down the streets in his pjs, people so over weight that they can’t walk and they need motorised scooters to get around… Then you see them eating fast food! BUT I think the one that shocks me the most is when I walk past these young african american males and they yell out things like “damn that is a fat ass or damn girl that ass” it just don’t happen at home, well if it does it doesn’t happen to me at lest! It happen at lest 3 times with the space of 2 hours!


After I got my phone sorted and having a look around I decided to walk back to my hostel and I came across this awesome hotdog stand called Pink’s Hotdogs, I couldn’t not take a phone (sorry about the quality, I only had my phone) Its places like this that I love seeing. Sadly I was still full from breaky so i didn’t order anything but I will definitely go back before I leave!

Now back at the hostel sitting in the common room waiting for 2pm to roll around so I can put my bags away have shower and a nap!

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