Day Dream Valley

Today I got to work with Lauren from Day Dream Valley who hand makes these amazing candles + melts, Lauren want some images for her Instagram page. She was looking for soft, fresh and famine look to her pages. This what I created for her.

Instagram – Billie and Peaches  // Day Dream Valley 

2016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-1892016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-992016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-1812016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-452016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-82016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-152-Edit2016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-1542016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-1662016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-532016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-692016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-170-Edit2016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-112016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-1512016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-1152016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-62016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-792016.05.03 - Day Dream Valley-210

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