Eskay Design

Today I got to hang out with Sarah + Heidi from Eskay Design, we had been planning to do this shoot for a few weeks now but it seemed when they were free I was bust and visa versa. Finally we were able to lock in a date!

A big thank you to Claire from Claire Randall Creative who did the amazing hair and make up for Sarah + Heidi. We got to hang out at there home studio up in the hills.

Instagram –

Photographer Billie + Peaches 

Hair + Make up Claire Randall Creative

Interior Designs – Eskay Design

2016.03.23 - Eskay Design - Sarah + Heidi_-22016.03.23 - Eskay Design - Sarah + Heidi_-552016.03.23 - Eskay Design - Sarah + Heidi_-86-22016.03.23 - Eskay Design - Sarah + Heidi_-1722016.03.23 - Eskay Design - Sarah + Heidi_-2042016.03.23 - Eskay Design - Sarah + Heidi_-2242016.03.23 - Eskay Design - Sarah + Heidi_-291-2

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