Portriat / Dilhari

Today I met Dilhari  who is a marriage celebrant based in Perth,WA at Kiss Me You Fool . Kiss Me You Fool’s website is having a face lift and Dilhari need some new head shots so I arrived at her home about 6pm and this what we came up with.

2016.03.11 - Dilhari Mahiepala_-2.jpg
2016.03.11 - Dilhari Mahiepala_-4.jpg
2016.03.11 - Dilhari Mahiepala_-5.jpg
2016.03.11 - Dilhari Mahiepala_-6.jpg
2016.03.11 - Dilhari Mahiepala_-7.jpg
2016.03.11 - Dilhari Mahiepala_.jpg
2016.03.11 - Dilhari Mahiepala_-8.jpgAlways have to have a little fun!!

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