Angie Studio Time

Finally convinced my good friend Angie who is the owner/ photographer of White Jasmin Photography  to sit for me! This is what we came up with.

2015.10.10 - Angie Martin-122015.10.10 - Angie Martin-642015.10.10 - Angie Martin-832015.10.10 - Angie Martin-912015.10.10 - Angie Martin-992015.10.10 - Angie Martin-1122015.10.10 - Angie Martin-1352015.10.10 - Angie Martin-1392015.10.10 - Angie Martin-151-Edit2015.10.10 - Angie Martin-1572015.10.10 - Angie Martin-1772015.10.10 - Angie Martin-2342015.10.10 - Angie Martin-2452015.10.10 - Angie Martin-247

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