Austin, TX / Keep Austin Weird

Oh Texas, you crazy state!

Driving from New Orleans to Texas we thought we would have a night in Huston to break up the drive, not to much happened, we arrived about 5pm. Went for dinner came home and went to bed. I wasn’t that keen on Huston. I think we were staying in the working district…. the place seemed dead and I didn’t really feel safe.

Anyway after waking up earlier we had breaky checked out of the hotel and we were back on the road on our way to Austin, TX. I was worried that I wasn’t going to like Austin as I didn’t really like Huston. I was pleasantly surprised! I love Austin. There is just something about that place.


We stayed 1 block from 6th street (people told us to stay around that area)

After arriving in Austin we checked into our hotel, had a shower and walked down to 6th street… the part had already started…. people everywhere just having a good time!!

At the time we didn’t know what was going on as everyone everywhere were wearing these orange shirts with longhorns printed on it…. we guessed it was some sporting event… not paying attention.

Walked into a sports bar on 6th st, the place is packed, everyone in orange… we finally look up at the TV to see that the Austin collage football team is playing…. the long horns….. it clicked…. there was a live game going on only down the road! We hated that we didn’t know and didn’t get tickets as that would have been amazing to easy. From what we gathered collage football was massive in Austin, its a real collage town.Oh well we sat in that sports bar ate good food, watch football and had a few drinks. We also headed out on 6th street and checked out a a few bars & clubs.


Over the next few days we did the typical Hop on Hop off bus tour going around checking out the awesome city.




We also got a chance to stop in at a fire house, John was so happy. He swapped one of his fire shirts with one of theirs. We got to check out the station and the trucks. John and the fires swapped stories then we were of to shot guns!!


I was terrified ! I don’t like guns I don’t see the point in them but we were there and the guy showing us how to use the guns was re assuring so I gave it ago… Out of John, Rachael and I, I actually had the best aim!


Finishing with Texas its time to fly to Vegas…. Sin city….

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