New Orleans / The big easy

Oh wow what a place of soul and music, I have never been to a place that has so much music, soul but so much sadness as well. New Orleans you really are an amazing city!


We stayed in the French Quarters on Bourbon st. It was a nice spot to stay and everyone was saying is best to stay in the French Quarters as New Orleans has been known to have some pretty shady places. The French Quarters seemed great, It was like a little bubble within New Orleans.


We only stayed for 2 nights and I really wished we had more time here! Every night they would close down the streets in the  French Quarters and everyone would be out drinking, dancing and having an amazing time. By morning you would have not known there was a big street party the night before. This happened every night of the week, its like week or work days weren’t a thing.

We also did a hop on hop off bus tour of New Orleans and it was a real eye opener. We got to see all the beautiful streets and homes were the wealthy lived and hadn’t been effected by Katrina but we also seen the sadness that was left behind from hurricane Katrina, for a natural disaster that happened over 10 years ago, there was still some much damaged left. Whole schools, hospital, gas plants just emptied, as if everyone just walked out one day and never came back…..I wondered if this happened in a place like New York if it would take this long to fix? I don’t think so, New Orleans is a poor city that is slowly sinking.



It was heart breaking to see to a city like this but I will still go back because I do believe they are doing wonderful things with this city.



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