Grand Central Station & Empire State Building

Hi Folks, sorry it has been so long since I last updated the blog, I think it was just having way to much fun in America and then we have arrived back to Perth, Western Australia and I have hit the ground running with my day job and photography work! Any way let me tell you about my day, on the 29th of August.

Waking up nice and early like every other day we decide to go check out the one and only Grand Central Station, we caught an Uber from out apartment. I have to say when we were driving there I was looking for some big grand entrance to this building but when we arrived I was surprised to see a small walkway and that was it!

Definately not disappointed when we walked in though! It was beautiful, I think from looking at all the images over the year it did look different being there. The whole top floor was the Apple.

We walked around for a bit then head down to the bottom floor where all the amazing food and drinks were, it was about lunch time so we decided to chill out and grab a bite to eat.





After lunch we had a look at our CityPass booklet to see what else we had left, seeing as we hadn’t checked out the Empire State Building we decided to head there next.

What an amazing view of the great city, I could have stayed there all day… I really do wish we had the chance to stay there as the sun was setting but we had a big walk back to the apartment and we didn’t really want to walk back in the dark.

Arriving back in East Village we grabbed a bit to eat around us near the apartment then went back to the room.

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