World Trade Centres

Oh my what a day! sorry for the late post’s, been a little busy traveling around this amazing country!

Anyway… up bright and early and still having time on our Hop On Hop Off bus tour we caught an Uber to time square and jumped on the bus from there.

The plan was catch the bus and get of at the stop near the world trades centre memorial, we had tickets as this was a part of our CityPass

After arriving down town we walked over to the memorial, it was breath taking. I feel like photos just don’t do it justice, the place was incredible.

When you first arrive you see these huge holes/ waterfalls, they are the foot prints where the twin towers originally stood, on the wall were everyones names who were lost in the attack.

taking all these in, we walked over the to museum. Having the CityPass was really helpful. Everyone else who didn’t have tickets were lining up for quite a while.

As soon as you walk thought those doors it hits you, its so intense and they have created the place so perfectly. I really felt their pain. They kept so many things from the disaster to make you see feel the damage that was done.

You are free to walk the ground as you please but as I was walking around I started to talk to this man named Joe, he was one of the many rescuers from that day, he was now a volunteer at the museum. Just listing to the stories he had to tell broke my heart, he gave me so much information that I would have never known. If you get the chance to see this place please do. I spent half of the day here and talking to Joe, truly was amazing.

I think out of all of the images and video that i saw that day the below was the most inspirational, this images and this quote. Humans truly are amazing.

We had planed to do more around town but after leaving here I was feeling pretty emotional  so we caught an Uber back to the apartment to relax then to head out for a few drinks and some dinner.

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