The big apple

Hearing my alarm going off and hitting the snooze button 3 times it was time to get up. Getting up and planning our day, I booked our city bus hop on hop off tour. I booked the New York All Round Town Tour. I also brought our CityPass‘s for New York.

Looking at all the tours they offer, you really only need to do two and it has paid for its self, plus you have 48 hours to use the tickets.

Once we booked and paid for the tickets we walked down to Time Square, It was about a 45 minute walk from where we were staying in East village on Avenue C, It does sound like a long walk but its only about 2.6 miles/ 4km but I think with all  streets that you have stop at adds on time.

I always like to walk as much as possible, first of all it lets you see what is around and near you and also it saves money!

It is important to note before we get too far into this that New York seems to be the only place that all of the city and bus passes (anything you purchase online) has to be printed out and presented to the company when you pick up the passes.

After arriving in the centre we walked over to our bus, waiting about 10 minutes then we were off. The first tour we took was the Uptown Tour.

After the bus tour we walked around Time Square for a while.

Decided to go and check out the American Museum of Natural History this was one of the attractions in the CityPass booklets. We were smart about this museum, once we got inside we got the map and picked out everything that we wanted to see and then left the rest, I feel this would have been like the museum in Chicago other wise and we just didn’t have that kind of time.


After leaving there we walked through Central Park heading towards The Metropolitan Museum of Art again this is an attraction in the CityPass.

I was really excited about seeing all the photography stuff but unfortunatly it was all closed, they had close that part down only about a week before so that was a bummer but it was ok we looked around for a bit.


After leaving there we walked back to Time Square just to walk around and to have a look, the place is so big and busy it was crazy! After a few hours we decided to walk back to the apartment. By this time it was dinner time, we were so tied so we decided to just get take out from Royale then head to bed.

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