Goodbye Chicago & hello New York!

Checking out of accommodation in Chicago (booked through air bnb) grabbing a coffee and an Uber to the O’hare International Airport. Our flight was leaving at 12.30pm but like normal you have to be at the airport 2 hours before travel. The paranoid Jana kicks in so i wanted to make sure we accounted for traffic so we left around 9am so we didn’t really get to do anything in the morning.

Once at the airport we checked in our bags and just waited….. We were flying with American Airline, it was only around $85.00 US each. I booked the flights through Edream.

Finally on the plan and taking off around 12.30pm, I read and ate food. We landed around 4pm New York. There is only an hours time difference which is good.

We caught and Uber to our apartment, we booked this place though air bnb. It was in East Village. Im so glad we booked here and not right in the centre near times square…. way to many people there! After arriving un packing a little we walked down 3 flights of stairs from our apartment to the ground floor, It was about 6.30pm by now so we just thought we would walk around and find some where for dinner.

We walked around for a bit then had back to the room when we found this bar called the Royale. We walked in and sat out the back, had a beer and ordered Cheese burgers. AMAZING!! they were so good, their hand cut french fries were amazing as well. (also don’t for get the hot chips in America all called fries or fresh fries not chips! I have made that mistake asking for chips and they bring out there version of crisps.)

Feeling full and very happy we head back to our room to pass out and get ready for our New York adventure that started tomorrow!

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