Chicago city + Shedd Aquarium

Up bright and early! not the best night sleep but it will do!

Walking out of the apartment straight and up the road on to the bus, the hop on hop off bus tour. It was called Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. I think we paid around $38 US each. We brought the tickets of the streets this time not online I think it was a little cheaper this way. When you are walking around these major cities these bus companies are everywhere so just have a look at what on offer and choose one that you like best (They pretty much all do the same tour).

The tour was great and like normal the tour guide was great.

Once we finished the tour around town, we headed over to Shedd Aquarium, again we had the CityPassand this was one of the attractions in the booklet. Thankfully we did because when we arrive the line was massive and we were almost going to skip the aquarium as we could have been standing in line for hours but having the these CityPass‘s meant we walked right in and only waited a few minutes.

Walking around looking at all the animals I was very anti the Aquarium as I hate seeing animal kept in small cages/ tanks, I think animals should be able to run/ swim as they please….

Ps the way this animal kills by sucking the life out of their pray ^^^

but I was very happy once I started to watch the dolphin and whale show! They help the environment and the animals that live in it. This aquarium is a non for profit organisation as well. The seal named Laguna that was in the show ( only for about 5 minutes) was saved by the aquarium back in 2013. At the time the seal was only a pup and some sick person shot him in the face and he was left for dead! thankfully someone found him and some how the aquarium heard about him they wanted to help! so they had him flown into Chicago from Laguna Beach on the California coast. where they trained him how to use his other senses and now he can call the Shedd Aquarium his home, If it wasn’t for the Shedd Aquarium he would either staved to death or have been pray to a larger animal.

After a long day of bus tours and tears of happiness at the aquarium it was time to head home and think about dinner! We went back to the amazing Connie’s Pizza. amazing as usual.

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