Goodbye San Francisco & Hello Chicago

Goodbye San Francisco you have been amazing! Thank you for all your beauty!

Not to much happen today we checked out the hotel & caught an uber to the airport. Over in the US you have to be at the airport 2 hours before travel so we just sat around for most of the day.

We paid $814.92 US for 3 flights, we booked it through E Dreams, it has been the cheapest by far! We landed around 3.30pm Chicago time (2 hours difference to San Fran). We tried to book two Ubers (best fair $100) but both of them cancelled so we nearly grabbed a cab but then we came across Go Airport Shuttles and it only cost us around $55.00US for the three of us to travel from the airport to our apartment in downtown, they dropped us at the door. The only down fall is you are sharing the car with about 8 other people and they be dropped of before/ after you but its so cheap you can’t really complain.

We booked accommodation through Air bnb again, we are staying in the Gold Coast, Chicago. Its in a really nice area and close to everything that we want to do. We are here from the 20th – 25th Aug, 5 nights. The total came to $845 AUD. Compared to hotels in this area that is really cheap. It’s only a studio apartment but thats all we need as we are hardly there, just to sleep!

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