Alcatraz & Golden gate bridge

We are running out of time😦 as we are heading to Chicago tomorrow! thankfully we have had time to do most of the things that we wanted to do, all that was left was to do was the hop on hop of bus tour of San Fran and the Golden Gate bridge, the Aquarium of the Bay (as we didn’t get to do it the other day) and the Alcatraz tour.

We had some breakfast then went and did a little more shopping (yes more!) then we jumped on the cable car ($7US each) that took us down to fisherman’s wharf were we got on the tour bus, the tickets were around $30US. It drove around for a few hours, where we checked out the golden gate bridge and a few cool places, like I have said in my other posts I think these are a great way to check out the city and get a lot of info in a short amount of time.

After finishing the tour we walked down to the Aquarium of the Bay, it was small but amazing. All the money that goes into the place goes to the environment and to helping wild life which made me feel good.

A few more hours had past and it was now time to jump on the boat and head over to Alcatraz! John was so excited, I mean we all were but I think John was most excited.

The boat ride was only around 12 minutes long so that was good because I get crazy sea sick and I really wasn’t looking forward to that! Thankfully the boat was 3 stories high as well so I think that helped.

After arriving on the island the guard went over a few rules and then you are on your own to explore. We looked around for a bit then headed inside the prison were they have a self guided tour were you put a head set on and walk around the prison, I really liked the fact that you could pause the audio and just look around and when you were ready just hit play and the tour will continue. Also the  guide on the audio was a ex guard which I thought was amazing, they even had ex inmates on the audio as well. It was fantastic, I felt like the audio tour just blocked the world out and it really took back you back in time.

The open shower room.
The court yard were everyone had their exercise time.Library.

The Island.

The great thing is once you are on the island you are free to stay or leave when ever you please. The boats come every 20 minutes, the last boat was at 6.30pm so you could stay for 20 minutes or a few hours it really was up to you. I would really recommend this.

Just a side note if you plan on doing the night tour (which we wanted to do) I would look at booking that a few months in advance as I went to book it but it was booked nearly 3 months in advance ! (the day tour is still amazing!)

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