Discovery San Francisco

Waking up bright and early, well not that early it was 8am, we are on holidays after all! We headed to the dinning room of the hotel for our free breakfast, it was only toast and cereal. Cant complain though, it was free!

After breakfast we went for a walk, not really knowing where we were going and we stumbled across Westfield shopping centre and did a little shopping. Finishing up there we decide to walk down to the Fisherman Wharf, everyone was telling us it was a great place to have a look around and there are a few attractions. I am really glad we walked as we got to check out the amazingly beautiful streets.

We walked past the Aquarium Of The Bay and thought that it would be cool to check it out. We purchase tickets from a ticket booth we saw something about the Exploratorium so decide to get tickets for both, they had a coupon for the both attractions and we ended up paying $45.95 US. We walked up to the Exploratorium first as it closed at around 5pm and the clerk said it was big place to cover, it was really interesting, it was huge as well! I think it was good to check out but there was way to many kids for my liking. I think it is school  holidays at the moment so I don’t think that helped.

After a few hours of hanging out there we thought it was time to head back to the hotel to chill out for a bit and then go for lunch. At lunch we took the laptop so we could check out some car hire companies (most places have free wifi) as we were planning on hiring a car to head to Yosemite National Park.

After lunch and checking out cars we headed to a laundry matt to get all our washing done, I know it was only something small but I thought it was fun, something I hadn’t done before.

Heading back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner. We went for a walk for a few hours then started to get hungry. We found this amazing 1950’s American diner called Lori’s Diner ! amazing food and great prices.

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