On our way to San Fransisco

Ok so its the 16th of August 2015.

Not much really happen today, we were traveling to San Francisco from Los Angeles around lunch time. As you could image there are many ways to travel in this country! By car/bus it was only around a 6 hour drive so we thought we would give that a go!

So we decide to catch a bus, I did some googling and came across CA Shuttle Bus. Offering cheap bus fairs so I thought why not.

Please note when booking seats on a bus in the U.S PLEASE book towards the front of the bus!! We had booked seats in the middle but when we got on the bus someone was in our seats, that was fine so we walked and sat at the back of the bus. WORST IDEA! so damn hot and no space!! So when we stopped half way to San Fran we asked to sit in our seats as we had paid for them. They weren’t happy to move but after we showed them our tickets that we had been assigned these seats they moved. We thought by moving closer to the front of the bus it would cool down but we were sooooo wrong! Once the sun started to set it start to cool down, I would say that the last 2 hours of the trip were ok but other wise I would have book with another bus company that had good air con and wifi!! I guess thats why you should read reviews.

When booking accommodation in San Francisco everyone was warning me to be careful where we stay as you could be in a really nice area then one block over you would be in the ghetto! I really didn’t really think much of it but i did keep an eye out and tried to book near Union Square. This is were everyone was telling us to stay, safe and close to everything.

After arriving in San Francisco in front of The Hilton Hotel around 8pm, just after sunset I had a look at google maps and saw that our hotel was only a 4 minute walk, great we must be in a good area. Oh how wrong I was! We walked down to the accommodation that I had booked,  Winsor Hotel on 6th Street. It had great review’s but when we arrived I was shocked! So many homeless people, drug addicts and much more. We saw a drunk man sitting in his own urine!

After freaking out we walked back toward the Hilton Hotel and looked for other accommodation, I use the app “Hotel Tonight” and found this great place called Hotel Stratford on Powell St, right next to Union Square. We ending paying around $195.00US per night. A bit out side of our budget but we felt much safer!

I do want to mention as amazing San Francisco is there are a lot of homeless people on the streets. I had a chat to the guy on reception at the hotel and he said since the price of housing has gone up a lot of people couldn’t afford the rents, but also they know that the tourist feel sorry for them and they play on that.

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